A Special “Reads Only” Post: 9-11

I decided to not do my usual “reads, listens, concerns” post for this Sunday.

I wanted to share a few 9-11 themed postings from around the “reader” and another from someone I don’t know, but his piece moved me.

9/11 Twenty years on

Catholicsm Pure and Simple spoke about an account of someone who escaped (and survived) the North Tower collapse.

Banned Hipster spoke about his conversations with someone who had a witness report that was different than what the news ended up running.

Zane spoke about the moment he saw the attacks. I may have had a different opinion about many of the events that he mentioned but I also experienced much of what he did, through the small screen of television. (I am not an usual reader/subscriber of his work but I was moved by this piece).

Constitutional Insurgent (Libertas/Latte) presents where I ended up after where I started somewhere completely different.

Didact speaks about something that struck me in my personal life; moving on and not mourning the wasted years. https://didacticmind.com/2021/09/twenty-wasted-years.html

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