Am I Supposed To Trust These People To Revolt?

Many well-meaning people sport “Molon Labe” stickers, 3% decals, and various “advertisements” to their leanings when it comes to government support. I would hope that these “Murica’”-esque rednecks and ardent patriots could be trusted to stand up/fight.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. It might take another generation. We aren’t that removed from one of the dumbest head scratching events that I ever had the displeasure reading about:

The Straw Hat Riot

Yes, I didn’t have a clue about this event. Never knew it happened. No clue on what happened or who was involved.

It was stupidity at best. People running around and destroying hats, instead of putting them away at the end of a season. There was no law determining the correct time to wear a certain type of hat, it went down hill from there.

In my words, teens pissed off dockworkers, fights and riots broke out. This happened in 1922. And for some reason, it still happened a few years after.

History lessons aside, many among me pine for the yester years and the supposed level headed predecessors that lived in those times. We had idiots back then, just like we have idiots now.

It is these idiots that you have to win over or kill to light things off. We might have moved on from punching hats but we have idiots that can’t handle the word “niggardly”, adopt abhorrent backward behaviors, or a bevy of other “things wrong”.


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4 Responses to Am I Supposed To Trust These People To Revolt?

  1. Lexet Blog says:

    If they haven’t revolted yet, they never will.

    They already tolerate their kids being converted to the rainbow trans church, degeneracy in media, infringement on all freedoms, mass murder of babies on demand, etc.

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