Nicki Minaj’s Near Hit As of Late

I hate many things “Hollyweird“. I think that many things in the entertainment industry are designed to generate outrage and attention for the sole purpose of making a dime. When I was a young person, we had Madonna via “Like A Prayer” among other titillating experiences.

Every decade and generation has its moment/artist. I may not understand or appreciate many of them, whether it be due to taste or an aging sense of enjoyment, but there is something out there for everyone.

And a specific “something” lies in one Nicki Minaj. I naturally don’t care for her music or the veneer of the lifestyle she pitches. (I don’t think any of it is realistic or conducive for the good parts of society). But I have to admit that it reaches people and so does her voice.

Her voice (or what she says) often falls on my deaf ears. But she struck a nerve by accident as of late.

Her commentary about “cousin’s friend’s balls” struck a nerve. Not specifically about impotence , but various male health concerns possibly connected to the vaccines.

(I have verbally talked about the vaccine and my concerns).

I understand that Nicki lacks the medical degree that Dr. Faucci does, (but Joseph Mengele was a doctor too along with Cornelius Rhodes). But she is correct to have concerns.

Due to work and logistics issues, I received the vaccine earlier in the year. I was adamantly against the vaccine, due to its rush to the public and shitty vetting. (I still think that our government let this through due to influence from lobbyists in the healthcare/big pharma sector).

The first shot was uneventful, the second gave me all of the symptoms. But the weirdest symptom was swelling in my “junk” and what I could describe as a third “nut” that sank down to my upper right leg. It made me walk funny and not want to f*ck for a while. I had a fun time getting a ultrasound for the third nut and finding someone to tell me what was wrong.

Bless the PA who got to scope me out in my sweaty underwear. I was finally told that it might have been leftover vaccine and it happened sometimes. (A prescription broke it and disappeared a few days later.

I feel like I was weakened by the vaccine in the long run. I missed some good balling and spending time with people with energy. I also am concerned about prostate cancer due to my age, I sure as hell don’t want anything else to wreck my body. (I have had a past with alcohol and I worry about my liver numbers at times).

I think that the entertainment media is all but too happy to hear Nicki’s commentary about getting dicked like its going out of style, but the minute she says something close to coherent it is laughed at.

I think she is allowed to be concerned about a man’s nuts and vaccine interactions without her getting a medical degree. I am concerned about mine and I have had a poor reaction to the vaccine.

No medical degree required. I thank her for her concerns. I just think it is sad that Hollyweird is that shallow to reject her concerns and play a punk to big pharma’s reach.


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2 Responses to Nicki Minaj’s Near Hit As of Late

  1. That all sounds sufficiently awful. Wife had to explain to me who/what Minaj is. I remain unimpressed. While I’ve expected the government to cannibalise us for years, the Doom Flu was not the vector I expected.

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