Do Your Homework Before You Jump

Without hyperbole, I jumped into something that I was ill prepared to take a run at. Our plans were to go to the beach, which was a short jaunt of little intensity. It featured people enjoying time with their families and decent weather.

A person in my party had found out that there was a mountain nearby that we could visit and possibly hike. I wasn’t sure if it was within our driving distance or if we could find it altogether, but after a few hiccups, we did.

We found a “map” and a place to park. Ran in to a few smiling faces looking to go up the mountain also. But they were hiding a dirty secret behind their politeness: There was more trail than meets the eye, they also didn’t go through the entire trail.

The person leading our pack was more or less running at a 2x pace. We didn’t have a long enough time frame to make it through where we wanted to go. We found a few peeks of this mountain chain easily but found ourselves soaked through, minus our leader. We took few breaks aven though one of our party fell behind.

Together, looking for the trail to the 5th peak, we got lost into a crevice of some sorts and got exhausted while backtracking. I was keeping up but the previous person who fell back was beat. By the time we got back up and found the trail, the “fall back man” decided to turn us around.

We went back down to where we parked, stopping for a decent supper at a mom/pop snack bar. We had looked at another picture of the mountain trail, discovering that we might have made it 45% the way there.

I discussed this with the fall back man and we came to a few conclusions:

This would have been easier if we would have started earlier in the day

We both failed to use the proper nutrition necessary, failing to both have a proper breakfast and carry snacks. (FBM mentioned that we burned through 5000 calories according to his calculations).

We didn’t do our due diligence and hunt down an actual map. We also spurned the idea of getting an available free app from the service that oversees handing out information to visitors.

Looking back, this would have been plausible if we would have done our homework. But it was a great lesson in why we needed to do our homework first, that and being honest about your body’s abilities.

The ultimate silver lining is reminding me that I need to go hiking more and that I enjoyed making a new set of friends. I also discovered how much that I loved the area where I was staying.

(This was a first stage warm up to a harder set of hiking trails we were looking at. I also desire to see Mt. Richtofen in Colorado, if feasible in the future)

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