A Mass of Well Meaning Inexperienced Soldiers Still See Death

Loathed to continue on about my critique of the US governments “not so active” military opposition, I did my best to move on. I was digging around in various historical events. I found a few of interest but one seemed to push me back in the arena of my “militia” critique.

The Battle of Othee was fought on September 23, 1408. A “militia” of poorly trained townspeople got together to fight piss poor leadership (or at least someone that came to prop up that piss poor leadership).

The biggest “clowns” of the rebel forces thought it a good idea to fight directly instead of conducting guerilla operations. The bigger rebel army, poorly trained got trounced by the professional army.

My notes had mentioned that it would have made more sense to conduct guerilla actions, beg help from other localities that have a friendly insurgency (or underground movement), or work domestically to undermine the disliked leadership.

I have actually said this to some of the poser 3% wannabes that I know. I usually just get stupid looks and an occasional fuck you. But it holds true, it takes a little brain power but it is folly to fight an infantry war against an actual infantry.

Hubris and high spirits will not carry you all the way. Competency and fighting the fight that you can is necessary.

To not know your own army’s abilities and to underestimate your opponent’s abilities is beyond folly.


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