The Illogical Choice Made Logical

I feel long separated from the Golden Watch experience. I had known of one or two that pulled it off. They spent twenty years at a job that didn’t completely beat them down. They may have pulled off a true “coup” and found themselves in a consultancy position doing the same thing. Retirement was various heaps of money and vacations.

Realistically speaking, it doesn’t happen anymore. Many seem to be steered into cycles of shit pay, shit contracts, or work that is really unappealing/mindless.

We have seen a coming avalanche with the service industry, finding people that were supposed to slave away mindlessly finally “give up” and withdraw. In other sectors, it is also happening.

The choice isn’t to run after the non existent career, guaranteed thirty years with faceless companies that change names like a teen in a dressing room with ill fitting pants.

Many are doing things that we were never handed by our parents. I know of many guys that are striking out on their own. The kind of people that were the fodder for a desk.

One is giving up and moving on with his life, going elsewhere unheard of. Not being strung along by a non-existent promotion that may never come.

One is going back to hauling, wrench monkeying, and real estate. Time wasters piss him off, the money equals his time.

One is helping expand his spouse’s business. He would rather be short on cash than be at the whims of emotional blackmail heavy desk sitters.

And another that has only found success at the gambles instead of the “easy” way will either fall flat on his face or do alright by the whims of the Great Magnet.

The logical choice was to do the school-work-bills pipeline. I was taught that self employment and business ownership was for no one. A business was something that was inherited, not created. Many other options were just non-existent.

Now, there is little to nothing keeping people in the flow. It is as much of Fight Club came true for people that hated the movie.

I for one, welcome the developments.

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3 Responses to The Illogical Choice Made Logical

  1. There was a very brief golden age for the working middle/lower-middle class in the West when they could work a non-demeaning job and retire on a decent pension and most people thought it was a pretty good deal.

    None of the conditions that made that possible exist anymore. It’s basically back to dog eat dog. People who say otherwise are lying.


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