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A Worthy Foe Makes A Warrior

Every year I seem to read about the story behind the “halls of Montezuma” reference that many a US Marine has sung. I had read about the Battle of Chapultepec, the famous political/military people involved, and the failures of the … Continue reading

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Am I Supposed To Trust These People To Revolt?

Many well-meaning people sport “Molon Labe” stickers, 3% decals, and various “advertisements” to their leanings when it comes to government support. I would hope that these “Murica’”-esque rednecks and ardent patriots could be trusted to stand up/fight. I wouldn’t hold … Continue reading


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A Special “Reads Only” Post: 9-11

I decided to not do my usual “reads, listens, concerns” post for this Sunday. I wanted to share a few 9-11 themed postings from around the “reader” and another from someone I don’t know, but his piece moved me. 9/11 … Continue reading

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FreeMatt in Review: 9-6 to 9-10

Making hay and watching “Warthogs”. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review. When A Whirlwind Relationship Blows Off Course I couldn’t continue on with a relationship when I noticed that a woman didn’t respect my views or … Continue reading

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What Was 20 Years Ago: The 9-11 Post

It was a dark time for many. It was during a troubling time for yours truly. I was stuck in a time loop that would Groundhog Day pale in comparison. I was in the US Navy, onboard an actual ship. … Continue reading

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Fare Thee Well; Brother. Fare Thee Well

We might have forgotten the power of the “proper sendoff”. In certain areas of our life, we had ways of celebrating (or mourning) our sending off of someone. (Think moving, joning military, going off at a distance to school, etc). … Continue reading

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Rules For Thee, Not For Me

I had a well-meaning passenger voice their concerns about my driving habits. I find myself driving faster in areas where I have memorized traffic light patterns and the habits of other street bound maniacs. I am loathed to lay on … Continue reading

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When A Whirlwind Relationship Blows Off Course

A smarter man once told me to not let a one night stand last two nights. I failed to adhere to that decent advice. An enlightened man once told me to avoid a “no night stand” altogether, leaving an alley … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About

Reading: Jon Rennie speaks about how others can get an opportunity to grow when a leader can “let go”. Listening: Quintus Curtius speaks to a “fan” who seeks wisdom in regards to an opportunity to revisiting an old relationship.  Additional … Continue reading

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FreeMatt In Review: 8-30 to 9-2

Don’t be the sleeping cat, be an industrious mouse. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review. Down But Not Out…(Messages From A Black Hole) The best way to survive a bizarre prison where the guards don’t know … Continue reading

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