When A Punching Bag Is Correct…

I was walking to the gym, through ***redacted location***, and had a minute to ponder. I had one of Jordan Peterson’s speech videos pulled up on my cell phone. I enjoy listening to podcasts, videos, and historical discussions before I get there. It keeps my mind from wandering too much and it usually lends writing fodder.

I was somewhat reticent to share anything about Jordan Peterson. Many of his adherents give him an unearned cult leader air and a small subsection of people I have talked to consider his work is more appropriate for the “pre- Step 0” crowd. (A few have blatantly said that a few of these men needed to try harder than being a victim and that this wasn’t anywhere near where you need to be).

Peterson, in his speech/lesson snippet, had mentioned that many people that he had run into that had withdrawn out of their lives was due to their brush with “evil”. Peterson went on to talk about how that it gives meaning to those that fight against it, instead of hiding from it.(Please note, I don’t have direct quotes but I am doing my best to paraphrase, will offer corrections when supplied)

For some reason the street lights and limited people around me reminded me of my “Mona” story that I have shared with you. I considered this one of the brushes with evil that I have had in my life. It almost floored me for good and it served as an additional updraft of an emotional shitstorm. It took me months to recover and look at it from a different angle.

I had mentioned that I use my Mona story to help other ignorant men to be aware, that and steer clear of shitting where you eat.

I may have never took her to court, took extra legal actions, or engaged in a long game against her. But I felt inspired to fight against that type of evil through other means, preventing it from growing in size.

Peterson is often a punching bag for people that don’t like “big words” or fell that they have nothing to learn. (I make the argument that Peterson is partially stuck in academia without an acknowledgement that evil is fostered there). But Peterson was spot on, I think that doing something about certain types of evil makes more sense than cowering to it.

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