The Want to Be Wanted: A Simp Never Forgets

Not sure that this is going to be inside scoop or life changing information but I am seeing some sad things many times over. Kind of like a truck that hits a brick wall and throw it in reverse so the truck can hit it again, again, and again.

It is someone that I spend a lot of time around that is doing it. I thought that most simps would outgrow the urge to throw around money in the pursuit of feeling wanted by others. But that one someone, who I will call “Erwin” is doing it often.

Erwin doesn’t throw gifts and service to women for an opportunity for their hand in marriage, or even sex, but he does it as a perverse form of entertainment. When he is not around these “women in need”, he “eavesdrops” on them online. He often showers them with commentary and compliments.

Erwin says that he doesn’t do this to save these women or give them attention but to play around with them. I don’t believe him. A part of me thinks that he does this because he enjoys being wanted. He likes the feeling of being a provider of sorts. (Never mind he already has a wife).

I have been around him when he does this type of crap. He damn near walks his way into their pants but seems to play with them like a cat with a mouse. He has this nice guy veneer to him when he is in the middle of it. I asked him about why he does shit like this, his most common answer is that he isn’t serious and it is fun.

I think that he has a part of the old me’s attitude in him. I had to come to grips with my old blue pill behaviors and neediness. But he still wants to be wanted. He lights up when he can be useful to one of these potential train wrecks. (I am aware of the harm that enabling backwards behaviors does). He thinks that he is helping them. I am aware that it gives many of them attention and inflates egos.

He has damn near ran up to the edge as of lately. He loves to talk shit and toy. I do believe that a man can act in an adult way towards these women and have healthy interactions, but Erwin’s actions shows them that the thirsty are still out there. It is hard to have conversations and be an adult when the women are thrown into a mindset of “hooking a sucker”. Yes, I have been in his company and I noticed that he is treated differently by her friends (and her also) than I do.

Erwin has bought supper, booze, and all sorts of gifts. (More than a small dinner bottle as traditionally brought). He still offers to buy her shoes but gives a condition as “time exchanged”, (which was poorly defined). (Argument that he means is fairly close to a covert contract and lopsided at best).

I do want men to study this awkward dance that I have been watching. Is this normal or healthy? Is it perverse fascination or his attempt at feeding an emptiness in him?

(Secondly, is it weird to think that he calls these “mouse women” friends? He often talks about wanting to fuck them but does nothing to be serious about it).

Is any of this normal?

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4 Responses to The Want to Be Wanted: A Simp Never Forgets

  1. Roman says:

    I’m guessing that he’s not getting enough attention from the Mrs and has to get it elsewhere.

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