Don’t Be That Level of Chickensh*t

You can count me upon the legion of people that get antsy doing things that you should consider normal. There could be a meeting at a building that I have never been to or some faceless person I can suppose to want to meet. It either makes my stomach churn to the point that it feels like I have a baseball floating around in there or someone hit me in the top of my head with a novelty baseball bat.

New experiences give me the “willies”. I have always felt that way but I probably would be living in one the illustrious abandoned houses I knew as a kid. I easily could have found myself committed against my will if I didn’t choose to be a mentally healthy person.

It is that juncture that I give you some unprofessional advice: Don’t be the kind of chickenshit that hides from the rest of your life. Don’t be the kind of chickenshit that is worried about being embarrassed or having a bad interaction with that faceless person I was supposed to meet.

You may just have to trust me that you will have to make these small gambles. You may feel a little pain like I do but the cumulative experiences will be okay or in my part; great.

I chose to get on with my life and get on the airplane that would take me somewhere to run into strangers. Don’t worry, a large portion of those strangers are nervous too. But many of them are open to new experiences. (They won’t be open to those that don’t make those small gambles).

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