Loving The Moment: Tim Tomashek

During my travels during the regular wrestling season, I ran into all sorts of athletes. On occasion, we had hypebeasts. We had some guys that would find their spot in the sun, but never have the records or experience to receive a scholarship. But one of the most memorable is the “sportsman”. This guy being the guy that loves the sport, even if he isn’t the uber athlete or work regimen isn’t all there.

We actually knew a few from other schools. I know a guy who transferred from our school to another in a bigger city. He never knew a stranger and he ended up at the state tournament that year.

Sportsmen may have bothered those that were making their run at the top with their Avant Garde attitudes but they helped make the sport a sport.

I made the same argument about boxing and a man named Tim Tomashek. He is someone I heard about years ago. He was an “aw shucks” hometown heroes. I wouldn’t call him a “professional” as much as a sportsman.

You could tell that he wasn’t expecting to jump to the top and get a video game. But he always enjoyed boxing. And he happened to get his moment in boxing on August 30, 1993 when he boxed Tommy Morrison. His goofball antics soured on some but he was respected by a few of his previous opponents that were “contender” material.

The one thing about Tim is that he loved being there. It was never a mind game. The fans loved him and he never thought of himself a god. He was the kind of guy that would be at the bar with his friends.

He loved every minute of it.

I for one wish we had more folks like him.


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