Covid Boiling Over Point

I hurried back to the hotel after a long day, after someone re-wrote our schedule for unbelievable reasons. It had been a long but decent day.

I was scheduled to meet up with a few friends for dinner. One of our party members was on the fence about making it, eventually had something come up. (I had worried that it was serious after someone else had read texts from that person and had a distraught face).

We ended up having a nice supper, outside of other people trying to feed me booze. (I was trying to pace myself. It tears up my stomach).

We finished up our meal. Two of the people in our party were getting animated with level 6 “amorousness”. I felt that our night was alive but dying due to legal restrictions. (the town closed down at 10 pm due to “Rona” restrictions). It was all but dead.

We were open to joining up with our group of folks for a proper end of the week. We actually were able to find out where they were for last call. I had noticed that there were a shitload of people milling about. All of our guys were at one bar, chatting with bar workers and people we knew.

We all enjoyed the drinks and good cheer, but the establishments were closing up. Outside of having a drunken patron force feeding me alcohol, one of the strangest things happened: The police force showed up in full force to corral drunks and make them go home. It was a sight to see.

But the things that was the most laughable is that if the businesses were allowed to set their own closing times, the conditions for a riot could be avoided.

After all, telling people that they can’t drink, then showing up in force is never a good idea.


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