To Be Cautious of The Unprofessional Makes Sense

I found myself digging around in the world’s history bin to fin a weird “happening” known as the Battle of Morgarten. It was not a huge battle but it helped shape the future of the country we know as Switzerland.

To thin things out a bit, a “confederacy” of various cantons were worried that a part of the Hapsburg family wanted to gain a part of their lands. Long story short, there was a pre-emptive move toward lands on an unused portion of a Hapsburg protected territory. Naturally, things light off.

Leopold I, Hapsburg Duke of Austria led a relatively large professional army to quash this collection of poorly trained farmer militia men and herders.

The irony is that the poorly equipped and overwhelmed confederate forces were ultimately tipped off by “good neighbors”, allowing them to get the upper hand.

Long before Mao made it popular, a small poorly equipped force laid an ambush in a tight spot of sorts, (noted that the path between a swamp and a steep slope).

It was funny to read that they threw rocks at a marching column of troops that had no way to get out of the area. Men spooked the horses that held knights and were effectively able to jab/kill knights with halberds.

Knights killed by farmers. Massive numbers were drowned in a nearby lake.

The farmers did not hold the code that many knights did, hence the slaughter and knights fleeing in confusion.

My big takeaway was that professional soldiers can lose. It is beyond a sense of moral superiority. those that don’t prescribe to “gentlemanly rules” (like the Genenva Convention or various treaties with have signed with our European counterparts) can catch the professionals by surprise, embarrass them.

I am not saying this to LARP for wannabe insurgents but as a warning that conditions change to turn the tide in the grand scheme of things. Those that we would usually never consider to be a threat can become one.


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