Conservatives Learn Nothing From The Past: Nanking Massacre/Rape of Nanking

If you couldn’t read the title, on this date in 1937, the Japanese plundered Nanking. Murdering civilians and taking “liberties” as if they were victors of millennia past.

(This was after the fact that most modern armies look down at this type of activity or outwardly condemn it. Ask Ronald Gray and John Bennett). (But conveniently look past the possible crimes committed by occupying US soldiers in Germany post WWII).

I understand the desire to have restraint. I did not exercise restraint in the past and many people saw me as the bad guy/aggressor. Many other people want to believe in the humanity of others, giving them the first chance that no one else gave them.

But I think that it is folly when you know what your enemy is capable of. I have seen what ideologues, who are empowered by their beliefs, will do. They can’t be bought with logic and reason. They can’t be bought by the intangible promises of “your side”. But they are more than capable of using tactics that seem barbaric to many around me.

(I would dare to point out a few of Kyle Rittenhouse’s attackers. No matter if he was walking or running away. I would also point out that it wouldn’t be that far out of their “abilities” to bother/attack those that we generally think off limits, like the elderly or children).

I wouldn’t think it would be that far of a leap for many of the leftist’s worst to commit things unthinkable in pursuits of feeling whole/winning that could compare to what the Japanese did in China.

(It is when you forget the humanity of those among you that you could become the beast that you never intended on becoming).

I think that many of the RINO and country club sorts in the conservative crowd look past what happened in the past and they sure as hell underestimate what their enemies want. If they aren’t careful, these soft conservative types might find themselves bloodied at best.


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2 Responses to Conservatives Learn Nothing From The Past: Nanking Massacre/Rape of Nanking

  1. jyvurentropy says:

    Kyle Rittenhouse being acquitted has given me so much more faith in the American justice system ❤ It's horrible what the media has done to that poor kid

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