Small Christmas Miracles: The Other Families

I had been blessed to see fall in a beautiful yet foreign place to me. I had saw the leaves turn and enjoyed the wind catching a chill. It was harder to earn a sweat and frost nipped certain areas where the sun neglected to shine.

Thanksgiving rolled by. I had seen a few friends leave and the short timers go back where they had started from. I didn’t have much in the way of family around me, just folks that I knew that were away from their families. Our work area was desolate but those folks kept it from being so.

I found my work nearing winter. I enjoyed Christmas lights, joyful youngsters, and the beginnings of people’s families coming into town. I knew my time was short but I enjoyed the smells plus sights. I silently celebrated people having their family members come back. I may have been without but I do understand how they felt.

We saw the flurries first when the wind picked up. The locals that we worked with shared a laugh and saved us headaches, doing things that a “brother” would do for another. We were happy that they were going to enjoy time with their actual families soon. We left shortly after.

Our drive north was cold but sunny. The parking lots still had ice, but the weather kept the doldrums to a minimum. I had thought that we were largely done with everything. I hadn’t heard from anyone back home and the next parts were routine.

Nightfall gave us our first day of winter and for our patience, we experienced a decent snowfall. It was neat to see cheerful faces playing in the snow, just off the main thoroughfare. Frolicking and Christmas light displays. Our time was increasingly short.

I had said more than once that I had missed my actual family. I hadn’t heard from many that I wish I was closer to. There were simple things that I wanted to do. This was increasingly so, just as I had only two days left of my stay.

I figured out something that I gained that I overlooked: My “other” family.

I knew plenty of people that I spent time with/around that became family members of sorts. There were hotel staff, restaurant folks that saw a lot of me, bar owners, and people I had serious times with. I was invited to two different Christmas parties for people that weren’t going home for Christmas. I knew of a few that were going, but I was leaving two days short of the event.

(One of the people had grown fond of many in our group and a wonderful friend was upset that we were leaving. I probably would have been hurt to see them cry. People connected to that community had told me that it was one of the hardest things to stomach).

I was sad to leave them. I recognized that these tight knit pools of people that were in my life for several months constituted a family of sorts; my “other” family. It was a small miracle that I recognized this on Christmas Day. I felt like a richer man because of them.


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3 Responses to Small Christmas Miracles: The Other Families

  1. Deacon Blues says:

    Merry Christmas Sir. Best wishes in the New Year.


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