What Can Be Salvaged From The Denver Shootings…

I was greatly saddened by the news that Lyndon McLeod took many lives in a few shootings at various locations in Denver Colorado. I enjoyed his work and at one time I had thought that he was turning the corner for certian things that would be more positive in nature, (starting a camp on his mountain property for men, more writing toward a therapeutic avenue, and finding peace). I was more than wrong.

The man I knew by Roman succumbed to the worst in his life. The demons and past history mishandled. I mourn what could have been. I also say prayers for those that lost their lives, I didn’t know them or their involvement, but I do my best to steer away from violence, encouraging violence.

I am doing a different tack than what other people have been forced to do. I previously quoted Roman’s work in a few of my postings. I do not wish to retract or take them down like many more established people have been forced to do. I will share mine again below with additional commentary, though.

I want you to understand why you might feel poorly or dark. Please find a better avenue or outlet for it other than shoot outs. I struggle with things in my life and found positive outlets for them.

Although it looks as if it aged poorly, I must reiterate that you can choose peaceful and/or more creative usages from your end of life. This is not only about Roman but about many of us.

The media holds a heavy hand still. It would take a lot more to see its failure. Roman was right about a level of dishonesty but it was more than tragic in that it would take carrying out violent plans/his own death to prove him right.

I do not know if Roman felt as if his life was losing purpose but in other men’s lives men have came to drastic ends when they felt no other options. I still worry about the mental health of many because of the lack of point of many jobs. (The soulless nature of many jobs has shown why there are deficits of those willing to do those jobs, people just leaving the workforce altogether).

I stick with the warning that if the courts leave people unfulfilled or unsatisfied, many will find justice in ways that pre-date our courts. I feel that people often act without an ethical framework, knowing that they can win in the courts. (or at least knowing that illegal businesses/gray area businesses don’t have a legal outlet).

I had seen this personally with a prominent member of a nearby community that skirted assault charges. I do not encourage violence but I do encourage a long term enveloping strategy to “starve” people.

I had also been in the jury pool for a guy that shot someone over a bad drug deal. The guy didn’t have a small claims court or “arbitrarial” type body to petition. The only option in their (black) community was to handle it within the parameters of pride, what they deemed right. This was to cease their ability to operate and to prevent further “decimation” of their character.

A part of that article or at least my sentiments came true. There might have been little legal recourse available. When someone loses at a certain level there might be two options that certain people feel that they are given, to move on or to win where one can.

I think that this piece holds. Many men still struggle with purpose and find themselves wandering. I can not speak for Roman in his last days but I imagine that he had something that puzzled him in his life.

I stick with it. The book’s quote is a feeling that few were willing to vocalize. I also think that people that aren’t willing to be seen as wrong are cowards of sorts, I have had to learn this the hard way. Starving would give one a bigger purpose than hiding behind security guards and high walls. No apologies needed.

Guys, mourn if you must, then get back to life. It is/was a tragedy for many reasons. There are plenty of things to learn from it. Be well and if need be, get help


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3 Responses to What Can Be Salvaged From The Denver Shootings…

  1. Gunner Q says:

    “I stick with the warning that if the courts leave people unfulfilled or unsatisfied, many will find justice in ways that pre-date our courts. I feel that people often act without an ethical framework, knowing that they can win in the courts. ”

    Indeed, our rulers are their own worst enemy. They could have stopped at Year 2017 and been masters of the world. Instead, they throw endless temper tantrums at increasingly intractable people no matter how weak and useful we are.

    There are no breaks on the Totalist train. I’m still sneering at “our hospitals are overwhelmed!” after firing a third of their staff over politics immediately before the annual flu season began.

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