The Unintended Bliss Connected To “Going Under”

I never got a chance to call myself a “jitz bro” or one of Eddie’s kids. I found jiu jitsu late in my life. I wasn’t huge on the karate McDojo phase when I was a kid. I tried jiujitsu at my local school when I was trying to find something to bring me closer to my community. I did find a larger pack of people I would call “family”. I also found some internal sense of peace.

I think that it was a stupid concept when I first heard of it. To find peace was to get over your own stupidity and your own mind’s noise. Jiu jitsu was a great system and a great “way” to be involved with. It was something to be focused on.

I had a desire to learn moves and to challenge myself. I wanted to learn what I was missing in wrestling. I was willing to learn where major mma fighters went wrong; sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t. I was aware of the absolutes.

I watched people at our school struggle to sink in certain moves and submissions. We all would have great days where we could get in a good lock, or a shin splitter, or something equally as interesting. We could also have bad days when nothing worked.

Someone I had a high amount of respect for once told us that we wouldn’t understand the moves that we were trying to pull off unless we have experienced being on the other end of those moves. And the biggest one for me was the “rear naked choke” or rnc.

I had put someone in it and got them to tap. We worked on its finer adjustments and did it better afterward. I had someone slip me into one and it pushed me to tap. I understood the move but I didn’t know its farthest extents.

…Until I sat there and volunteered to have me sunk into it as easily as possible. I let someone I know pull off the rnc and it was interesting at best.

There wasn’t pain. The person who was behind me flexed their muscles and tightened up. I didn’t struggle. But I didn’t notice that I ended up on the floor. At least two people were yelling at me or asking me if I was okay.

To be honest with you, I barely noticed anything. There was a slight sense of calm that seemed to last longer than it did. There wasn’t pain. I would say that it was a blissful time out that I am not supposed to have that often.

(Others that I have spoke with have mentioned that they have had something close to this when they were using responsible amounts of certain psychedelics, hence the idea that I am not supposed to visit it often).

A smart person would say that it was the restriction of blood temporarily to certain parts of my brain would do this and it was a simple observation of my body’s survival functions. But it would be an unique experience anyway. I could say that I never experienced anything like that since then.


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