Year Ending Nasty FreeMatt In Review

I got my ass kicked by travel. Then I got my ass kicked by the Rona. I sure as hell wish 2022 doesn’t kick all of our asses. Until then, this is the neglected year ending nasty FreeMatt in Review.

The Miserable Christmas Visits Many A Great Man

I discuss the fact that Christmas isn’t always the happy time of the year that “the industry” makes it out to be. I give historical examples and do my best to salvage the experience as I get older.

Interesting To Kids Subjects: Grain and Sugar Explosions

History gives me a great timeout from the depressing to show another depressing historical event; a grain explosion. I share with you a sugar refinery explosion and how I re-enacted a smaller scale of it.

Small Christmas Miracles: The Other Families

I thought I was alone when I wasn’t with my family but I found out that I had another family all along.

On F*cking, Or How You Should Get Over Yourself

To enjoy good sex, one must be worth enjoying. Also a requirement; one must enjoy the other person you are with. How I learned this? Learn more in this posting…

What Can Be Salvaged From The Denver Shootings…

It was a necessity for me to head off questions after Roman McClay shot and killed several people in Colorado. I read several volumes of his book and found takeaways. The loss of life of his victims and his estrangement in general are tragic to me. (I feel like that he had changed directions past his desire for vengeance, at one time wanting to use his energy to make more literary works and bringing others to nature).

The Unintended Bliss Connected To “Going Under”

I saw a semblance of peace when I let go and got choked during jiu jitsu. I tell you more in this posting.


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