Get F*cked, The Greatest Advice You Never Took

It might have been high school or junior high when I heard a chick say this to me. I may have taken the rare opportunity to crack a crass joke or say something fun/hyperbolic. I knew that my intended audience wasn’t one of my regular ears or hell raisers. I wanted to take the risk of pissing this person off. I had nothing to lose and I felt like it was important to say something instead of being the regretful asshole.

Although the chick who told me this gave me the air of someone who might have been a future recruit for the bra burning SJW crowd, I didn’t hold it against her. But I did ponder what she had said.

I should have taken her advice and found someone to roll in the hay with. Lazy Sunday afternoon level shit. She should have done the same thing too, except she should have caught some man meat. In these modern days, I think that sexual activity (or even just close intimate time) helped temper the worst in us.

During trying times while on the ship, I felt like my skin was on fire a lot less when I messed around with my girlfriend at the time. I was less pissed off at the world and it felt like a daily reset. Most of my ship mates knew who was getting laid anyway and enjoyed secondary benefits.

I observed the best of “getting f*cked” in the ladies who all lived together in an unnamed apartment complex whose name was widely known in a town I lived in. They were often cranky and catty, reported to be at their worst during certain times of the month. But one of the women slipped and told me that she could tell when their boyfriends were around, it tempered them and they were often happy, glowing. It was laughable when one of the less “active” women would say jealous statements when her “exposure” was less than her roommates.

I think that it is okay advice. If we could let go and enjoy a simple roll in the hay, I think that we wouldn’t need to be the worst. We could temper the worst in us and have some minor ability to see the actual “vulnerability” in others. (Not that bs “you need to be more open” shit, since we often speak through our body language and not always through pre-programmed conversations).

I also have unreliably heard that intimate experiences often humanized the enemies among us. And in our modern times, we are being programmed to hate someone or hate some enemy. Holding someone, or even being in a compromising position, would proverbially disarm someone at times. Being forced to either embrace, you back or lose the opportunity by thrashing themselves away.

(Although at risk of being labeled something, Laci Green and Carl “Sargon” Benjamin, became human beings in spite of everyone else, when they let go and hugged each other. Their history was as a pre-prescribed set of adversaries).

At one time in history, easy sex without that hate fucking thing, was an opportunity to “convert” someone (or at least let someone be a human being). Yes, it was only certain people and certain situations, but I still think that this would be possible; minus a few space mutant types and no where near the margins ideologues.

I won’t hold my breath but I do think a great cross section of you need to “get f*cked”. It would do you well and not make you the agro pissed off clowns/awful c*nts that you seem to think you need to be. It did me well and it sure as hell might help you, if you let it.

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  1. Deacon Blues says:

    Agreed. Although, I always thought it tasted like Royal Crown.

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