Jumping Jack Gas: Crimes of Opportunity

Although I hadn’t originally intended on making a posting today, I saw a tidbit of history on today’s “On This Day” for 1957.

Jack Graham was executed on this day in 1957.

Jack was known as the guy that put a dynamite based time bomb on United Airlines flight 629.

Apparently he purchased insurance on his mother before her flight, knowing that he placed a bomb on it. (I also learned that there were machines that sold the policies in most airports up into the 1980’s).

It is a dark dance akin to the game played in the movie The Dead Pool, but where someone tried to weigh the scales in their favor and bet against the house by blowing the house up.

(Weird that blowing up a plane wasn’t a federal crime but murder was as it had been for some time).

Strange people have always been around us.


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