Miracle on the Hudson: Greatest Team of All Time

I struggle to find good news or something heartwarming I can share. US Airways Flight 1549’s final disposition was one that I am always moved by. Please read more below.

The 15th is the 13th anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson; also known as the day they landed a plane on the Hudson River in “freakin’” New York.

Although people mugged Sully Sullenberger, chief pilot, in every airport known to man, it was a humongous team effort. The first officer Jeffrey Skiles was an experienced pilot who was knowledgeable in his craft. The rest of the staff had to do their jobs and also keep idiot passengers from inadvertently mangling themselves. (And subsequently killing everyone else when they panicked). I would be making a great mistake to not highlight the people “without” faces: traffic control personnel at both LaGuardia and Teterboro. (Noted that Teterboro was never used). The various vessel pilots that stopped their duties (and commerce) to assist in what usually would be considered an odd request to come over the radio. The collection of emergency personnel that did a smashing job to preserve the health of the passengers that could have gotten deathly ill. This was an effort that rivaled a college football game, except they didn’t have a few years heads up. Their numbers were called, all these people answered, hats off.

I do not mean to downplay huge team efforts that have happened in the past, (or at least the events that you should know about such as United Airlines Flight 232’s “Million Dollar Glider Landing”, PanAm 6’s Pacific Landing, or Partnership for the America’s humanitarian mass deployment). I think that The Miracle on The Hudson is a great recent example of the kind of teamwork we should be swinging for. It was more than one notable person.

Outside of movies and books being made; this was an event in history that should give you at least one reason to have faith in society. People can look past the trivial bs in their lives and “pull together” to further their existence. May we recognize this in the future.


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5 Responses to Miracle on the Hudson: Greatest Team of All Time

  1. Emily Peaceful Waters Woodall says:

    I loved this perspective. The leadership, kindness, and the beautiful ending. I can’t imagine being a passenger. I have no fear of flying. Seeing this puts it into perspective what I should do in these situations.


    • I honestly believe that is why they were given awards. Even the tug and pilots were on the ready and thought nothing of it, (considering most “sailors” follow the “rule” of aiding other sailors in need).


  2. audremyers says:

    Love this article! Gosh! I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since that amazing day.
    Thank you for this reminder.

    Liked by 1 person

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