Sunny Side Up Book Review of Michael Pullara’s The Spy Who Was Left Behind

I find myself with a few sporadic minutes during my day and I often fill them with the consumption of books. These readings lead to the notes that often become the inspiration of my articles. I have had a few people I consider friends publish their own books. After this alarming fact, I decided to jump on the opportunity to be lazy.

I wanted to start reviewing these books the NY Times won’t do due to the lack of connections. Amazon doesn’t mind burying those that lack a PR backing. But I choose to read and “embrace” them. I present to you the “Sunny Side Up Book Review”.

I received Michael Pullara’s The Spy Who Was Left Behind as a gift from a loved one. It was an interesting sight as I unwrapped the well adorned package. I did not know the author or who they spoke of on the cover. I did not immediately engage in its pages.

When I finally got a chance to start reading; I was given a chance to go somewhere most never do. I had felt like Pullara saved me countless thousands of dollars for travel and hours studying various texts containing Georgian cultural subjects. He allowed for me to know the inner workings of why Freddie Woodruff’s life was taken from him and how his murder served stranger purposes. I learned how why it was swept under a rug as if it was the remnants of time’s dust.

I think that Pullara had started out making a story out of one that didn’t exist, but he finished with an impossible “tenacity”. He humanized someone that no one cared about. Pullara put someone front and center who would have been forgiven by our short memories. He dug into the roots of a problem and reminded us why we should never accept the easiest answer given.

Starting off; I would have accused the Texas lawyer of fame seeking. False words were not spoken. His heart was pure and he did what he could to right a wrong. The wrong that he had little connection to. In this, I encourage you to read this book. It might have started about Woodruff’s death but ended in proper fashion.

I am loathe to tell this book’s story when you should get a copy and read it yourself. You may do so at the link below.


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2 Responses to Sunny Side Up Book Review of Michael Pullara’s The Spy Who Was Left Behind

  1. audremyers says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you’re doing this, bringing the book to the public. Good for you.

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