FreeMatt in Review: 1-24 to 1-28 (2022)

One more round? (I had one OT left in me). In the meantime, this is the FreeMatt in Review

The Violence Brought On By Mirrors

I share the down sides of not knowing who you are dealing with, especially when it is yourself.

The Matters w/ Matt: I’M NOT OVERREACTING!!!

A lady writes in wondering why her beau does not know (why she is overacting). Learn more in this Matters w/ Matt.

The Awe Inspiring Beauty of Fire

I share what the gift of fire was in my life and what it became, from child to man.

Various Burdens of Freedom

Freedom is nothing to someone who only has value for bondage. I share some anecdotes from history to support this.

Post note: “I didn’y hear no bell…get up you sonovabitch…remember the Mick loves ya”

For my Canadian friends; I know you have it in you. You had some fighting people in your mix and you still have some of that blood today. I had a distant relative in Canada (RIP) who was a somewhat famous musician. My buddy, The Mick, had family land in Canada from Ireland. Your folks threw down with the best of them in the 1800s and in many wars that we did. Time to get back to those days. We love you pale neck brothers and sisters.


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