A Numerous Yet Weak Army May Not Stand

Poorly led troops, even in large numbers, not given some “divine” upper hand, will not find the victory they want. I wanted to bring up many modern events as a warning of this. The supposed January 6th insurrection was a notable example of this. I also wanted to note many protests that I have seen in the news and independent videos.

I had seen passionate people, with great goals and being led by common emotion, yearning for something great. It might have been to end the rape of nature, bring about some sense of justice, or to protect those of a creed/background/religion. But many of these fell short and even found themselves swamped by opposition, ignoring tactical necessity/etc.

I wanted to point out examples from the past, specifically an instance of an army having the strength of numbers, but not the appropriate level of leadership or will due to a lack of fitness.  This was the case when examining the Battle of Gembloux.

The forces of the “Union of Brussels” was worth examining. It was the larger force but lacking the ability to manage that level of different ethnicities, uncommon backgrounds. It was also worth mentioning that the troops were not trained to handle the surprises thrust upon them, specifically getting attacked in the rear. This action caused disorder within all ranks and destroyed any numerical advantage.

(I had previously had picked through von Clausewitz’s On War, finding various mentions of military virtue and discipline when faced with challenges. I also found mentions of having competent leadership both having knowledge of their troops capabilities and reflecting on more modern times, knowing more about your manpower’s condition/beliefs).

The group or army without order/cohesion will not stand. It will create its own rifts and cracks. Having cowards or unbelievers will do nothing to support, minus attempts at scaring an enemy. The ignorant can only hide behind those that know what to do or they are faced to run/capitulate. Those lacking in strength are easily found and targeted. (This is noted in clashes with police and many infantry battles containing unfit troops). The panicked often “hurt” those with a level head, much like a drowning victim with a rescue swimmer.

Please consider this in the future when engaging in battle or conflict. Not engaging where the field butts up against your weakness is something to consider.

Once again, to not learn from history is to repeat it. For ill or good.


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