The Saint FreeMatt’s Massacre Redux

It is another Valentine’s Day. We have a man with cognitive issues in the White House. Canada’s “frog p*ssy” (Slapshot reference, btw) is threatening to deploy/use emergency powers against the Trucker Convoy. I just enjoyed a warm day.

I did want to pitch a strange idea at you: Why don’t we tell the consumer companies that are the most invested in “Valentine’s Day” to knock off this bunk? Why don’t we just stop this crap? (H/T to Audre Myers).

I did want you folks to substitute the made up push to buy crap or receive it with something productive: Calling someone with meaningful words. Or visiting someone that you give a crap about, give them meaningful words?

I was blessed to dodge many girlfriends pangs for impossible validation (through ponying up to DeBeers, FTD, Hallmark, or you name what ever cesspool corporate dimwits). I generally just tried to be a halfway human person on that day.

I don’t do it now, either. I give a hug, text, or call. (A kiss in selected instances). I make it known that I don’t want anything. (Then again, I don’t want anything on my birthday).

I also make it known off the bat that I don’t do Valentine’s Day. It was stupid years ago. Still pretty dumb today. It is even sadder that there is such an imbalance after a certain age range that “Galentine’s” is  a thing to do to make certain subsections feel better about their inability to “hoo doo” validating gifts out of someone else. (No OnlyFans doesn’t count. But that does give a stupid idea…).

I am happy to just give a call or a physical word to others. I look forward to taking a walk at the end of the day that beats the chotchkes and other things hands down.

(I did want to laugh about that I never got the chance to bemoan my inability to receive diamond cufflinks that I will never use. Or a fragrance that doesn’t work with my body chemistry).

This date, 1929: St Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago, 7 gangsters killed, allegedly on Al Capone’s orders


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4 Responses to The Saint FreeMatt’s Massacre Redux

  1. We don’t do Valentine’s, but incidentally, my wife had some family photos printed for me as a spur of the moment.


  2. audremyers says:

    We don’t do Valentine’s Day per se, but I did get shrimp and cocktail sauce (one of his favorite things) for munching while watching the Super Bowl and called it his Valentine’s Day gift. We don’t celebrate our anniversary and I have always told my kids (two) not to get me anything for Mother’s Day – I don’t need it to know they love me; if I were ever in need, they’d be here in a split second and I know it.

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