FreeMatt in Review: 2-13 to 2-18 (2022)

Sundays are for picking up stones. In the meantime, this is the FreeMatt in Review

The Saint FreeMatt’s Massacre Redux

Another Valentine’s Day passes and I am better than ever. Read a qwell placed rant.

A Libertarian Walks Into A Violent Situation…

People do fight corrupt government. If Brookside Alabama doesn’t lose in court, they may on the street.

The Matters w/ Matt: I’m Broken/Far Beyond Mansplaining

A man may not mansplain his way out of a girl’s pants but he may disappoint her in other ways. Learn more in another Matters w/ Matt.

Navy Story: The Rogue’s Gallery

I share a look into how I was influenced by strange sources of cultural backgrounds. Comical and somewhat tragic stories inside.


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