Aaron Rodgers Schools Matt FreeMatt on Exes

As much as I loathe how much people air their personal matters on the internet, I was surprised to see something from the Hollyweird/GlobohomoCorp set that had value.

Through the dying medium Yahoo Entertainment, there was reporting on Aaron Rodgers recent split with now former fiancée’ Shailene Woodley. It had the regular crap reporting of what I would call blue pill behavior but the surprise was that Rodgers seemed to refuse to be ugly about the relationship’s collapse.

It was something that I failed at the first time, but I had learned years later that being bitter didn’t serve me. Although I may have flirted with it before, I wanted to say something positive about the last two failed “partners” in my last two relationships.

(1) I learned to manage money. It made sense to give someone money without expecting it back. This person taught me to love art. music, and the human voice. The “fun” was there.

(2) I was reminded to not hold contempt but thanks for what went right. I learned to love sex with women, not the concept of sex. It was up to me to enjoy the times.

Rodgers saw that things were growing in the opposite direction. But he saw something in the rearview that was worth something instead of a sour attitude, which is often what is expected in a modern day sense.

I may not agree with some of his blue pill sentiments, but I see that he refuses to be dour. He seems to want to be content and give “chance” to what is possible.

In q strategy sense, he did not feed the ego that has been shown to exist in the Hollyweird world. Some people feel validated by vitriol directed towards them. I would dare to say taking a position of power through being a victim.

I don’t think that this is to kill with kindness but to “fight” unconventionally. It isn’t to maim emotionally but to take the high ground or be the better person. A weak person can bury themselves.

I personally struggled to not be negative or direct “flak” on my previous paramours. It took years to find out that it wasn’t hate (or a vendetta) that drove their decisions, but it was often “natural” or societal influence that did.

I’m not sure if I was celebrating an “ex” but it didn’t serve to be an ass about a failed relationship.


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7 Responses to Aaron Rodgers Schools Matt FreeMatt on Exes

  1. audremyers says:

    It’s a walk along the curb – do you remember doing that as child? Trying to maintain balance and yet get to end? I was married for 24 yrs. the first time. Things happened. He was to blame; I was to blame. In the end, I have never said anything bad about my ex – he was my first love, he was the father of my children, and he’s still – after all these years – in a special place of my heart.

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  2. Roman says:

    The first one sounds like she could have been a decent one had you managed her money. I know feminists would freak out by me saying this, but I’ve found that there are quality women out there who make bad financial decisions. Assuming the man knows what he’s doing with money (to be fair, most don’t), if he manages the money, the relationship could be saved.

    Yes, it was only 4 sentences and I may be reading into it but I’ve seen this before so it hits home.

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