The Pleasant Distraction(s) In My Life

A well meaning reader asked me what brought joy to my life. I have many small things, one of many is cigars.

I am a patron of a local cigar club, which I am a paying member. I often just go there to smoke a cigar, either enjoying relatively rare silence or a decent conversation. On occasion, someone joins me.

 I seldom run into anyone that is raucous or acting a fool. When that happens, I find myself laughing along with them. I have met a few everyday people that are fellow riders of the same train of life. I speak fondly of them.

I find that the decorum and rules are something I wish that many people would follow in their own lives, venues. I think that it would rub off on those that would best benefit from them. (Added emphasis on managing one’s consumption of alcohol and other courtesies that would be extended to anyone construed as a “gentleman” or a “lady”).

( Others may find it pretentious but I actually like when there are dress codes to locations and events. It may be okay to attend a casual meal in what is “comfortable” but it would make sense to wear something better for other times. A football game may call for just about anything but a soiree’ should call for something that passes as finery. I find it folly when a man does not heed a descriptor below an invitation or when he does not seek wise council in the descriptor’s definition).

(A smarter man than I told me that I may not be a man of great capabilities but I could operate as if I had the comportment of someone with what could be construed as nobility).

The place I go to has things that are stereotypical. It has comfortable leather seats and a wood flooring. The lights do not hurt my eyes like many buildings “un natural” lighting does. It is somewhere I go to that “slows down”. (I seldom hear music in the background and I do not pick up a television remote. To be honest, I have heard many at the club mention that they prefer not to turn on anything). I leave better or in the same condition that I arrived in.

The smokes are generally something better than what I order from a catalog and sure as heck better than what you would find at a gas station. Most are well rolled with decent quality control. Every cigar is a different story, some thrill while some are just pleasant.

I am not sure if it was Rob, Vince, Bull Rush, or one of the sordid characters from the Masculine Geek “world” but yes, whoever it was, everyone should have a vice of sorts. A decent smoke ranks up there. I hope that our place sticks around. It is the best alternative to many places and keeps the worst that I knew out. Cigars and the people are big. If I didn’t have it, I would end up in a parking lot somewhere. Probably smoking a cigar but wishing I had a better building


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4 Responses to The Pleasant Distraction(s) In My Life

  1. audremyers says:

    Love the description of your club. I went to a Melting Pot restaurant once. You walk in out of the Florida heat and into a comfortably lit bar area that is very much leather couches and chairs, big ashtrays on the occasional tables. I found it very inviting. I was meeting people and so had to move right into the dining room to join them but I regretted not having the time to just sit a spell in that lovely room.

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