Inhumane Resources: The Switcheroo

Years ago, months after the end of my “haul” in the US Navy, I found myself faced with the spectre of having to find another job, shortly after I saw my first post military job wash up.

I went to the fourth to worst place in the area that would hire someone with a pulse. Not only was I not an employee, I was an employee of a placement agency that was a major companies way to save money by cutting benefits and wages. I worked in a machine shop at a company that was a division of a huge conglomerate that you may have bought stuff from.

This was a dirty a$$ job. I was greasy at the end of every shift and I always found metal shavings in my beard. I dug the vast majority of the people there. I had a dude called “Hippy” who was hilarious. There was also “Biker Jimmy” who found himself in federal prison, Mexican federal prison, and our state’s prison system. Jimmy looked like a psychopath Santa Claus. There was another dude that we used to pelt with bearings, he didn’t give “AF” about anything. Most of the company’s actual employees were great. Helpful and hardworking.

But my workplace had a huge turnover. I would get together with a few of my coworkers when a pool of new people came in. We would bet to see who would quit within the week. I usually would get close. (Near 65% of all people in any pool would quit within two weeks). Often it was someone trying to get a check between other gigs or unsuspecting folks.

The kicker is that there was always someone that got a fast one pulled on them. The hiring office would tell someone that they are interested in hiring a four year grad or an associate program student for a co-op, management trainee position. I would see a clean cut person walking around with the worksite rep and then be assigned a machine to run.

I would scratch my head seeing this. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know about the switcheroo until I went to the office to see my manager. I saw one of the clean cut guys I saw walk in earlier that week. He was talking to the onsite manager and worksite rep. They didn’t have a clue what the guy was talking about. He mentioned to me that he was an associate grad of our local community college.

I thought it was strange. The guy went on to tell me about the program he was supposed to be in. There wasn’t one. He was stuck with what everyone else was promised, an empty offer at full time full pay work at the actual company. (Note that the company was slowly shipping certain machines to Mexico. I had several conversations with an engineer that helped move them and install them in the new plant). I wasn’t under any impression that I would hired on full time. Yes, I got back into school and was interested in certain programs. But I looked elsewhere.

I knew of one other guy; Frankie. Frankie got lied too also. He was around for a decent time but he found himself getting fired after a “bad drug test”, shortly after he had complained about his not getting hired on full time. (He was around over six months. I made it nearly two years plus). His girlfriend got a full time job after only two months of the softest work in the plant).

A source of mine told me thhat it was something that the company employees used to laugh about. Poor saps would stick around for six months and then get mad, leave. The company liked having people that weren’t on meth or stealing stuff out of the “boob lady”‘s purse. (Yes, I was one of many employees that found one hitters or needles in the bathroom).

Too bad these folks sent the plant to a cartel warzone where the production costs about the same as hiring community college folks, in my area, on full time. I think someone should call human resources in both companies about this.


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4 Responses to Inhumane Resources: The Switcheroo

  1. audremyers says:

    Like a lot of people, I think, I did my time with a ‘placement company’ who would send me anywhere for any position regardless of my talents and experience. I was blessed in that several of the companies offered to hire me after the placement contract but I was eternally grateful, if I wound up in a stinker, to be able to leave when the contract was up.

    I’ve not had to deal with the situation you relate here – ‘the program’ nonsense. But as in ‘let the buyer beware’, when we apply for positions in companies new to us, it’s always good practice to research them. Which is much easier to do now than it used to be. And you’re right; they should be reported but we have to wonder if that would actually change anything.

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  2. Gunner Q says:

    You got hired at all?! Companies told ME they were hiring, so I applied, heard nothing, and next week, I saw the same companies in the newspaper complaining to Congress that Americans didn’t want to work anymore so they needed more foreign work visas.

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    • That was years ago. But it was a temp agency position. Yes, I knew folks that were there for two years plus. It wasn’t for a definite time frame.
      I had put in for a different position and actually had the interview, etc. I knew folks on that contract and they were short several people. I rejected their offer, countered twice. Company HR never called me, just saw the ad put on the website again. I do have a weird follow up to that story that I should email about.


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