I Don’t Wish You The Best of Luck

Never to give into the urge to yell at people for having a default saying that isn’t true, I don’t like telling people “good luck”. I might be a superstitious person with a strange set of beliefs, but I despise the saying.

To engage in this, especially in the case of someone I care about, is a madness. I would like to think that their preparation and minimal amount of skill would carry them to a necessary level of success. Or what they deserve sometimes; a learning opportunity. Perhaps having fun in the experience. But luck? No.

If I had to wish you something, it is to be outside of the statistical reality that is in front of you. I know that a large portion of high school football players are not going to be scholarship level in the NCAA. It didn’t matter if they went to one of the academy schools. It sure as hell would be that tough for “Little Johnny” to shine at a country bumpkin high school, even if he posted some tremendous stats. At best, I wish him to slide in “under the wire” or at the 10% mark.

I might wish you being the recipient of happenstance. I was able to be a beneficiary of this. It might have taken someone falling ill and me being named an “alternate”. It might have been a right place/right time situation. Many great things have been out of happenstance, especially when the weather was beautiful and I found myself in the middle of the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Panama rehearsal.

I’m not declaring war on “best of luck” or “I wish you luck”, but I am telling you to find something else to say. Try we are thinking of you, you can do it, or keep going. The last one is my big pick. To keep going at a proper pace is good. To recover naturally makes sense. To finish, when appropriate, is understood. In the mean time, fly low and beat the radar. Outrun the fastest horse. Outhustle a day trader, but don’t consider luck. Try skill first.


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5 Responses to I Don’t Wish You The Best of Luck

  1. audremyers says:

    “Good luck” always sounds like ‘fat chance’ to me. Never been a big fan.

    I hate the expression ‘have a nice day’. Geez – that’s the best you can do? I always tell people to have a GREAT day. Why wish me a mediocre day? Wish me one on steriods! The day may fall flat but at least I had higher expectations.

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  2. ruralcounsel says:

    “Good hunting.” – Navy fighter pilots

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