Try To Steer Clear of Hyperbolic Statements

*Polite warning: Course language and brutal thoughts. Moron guidance advised*

Seldom excited to jump on to current events, I was forced into it today. Weird that I didn’t need to dig far. Everyone born again nerd’s wet dream, Elon Musk, has done the work for me.

It is one thing that he supposedly uses silly comments and sci fi nerd shit to distract from his business happenings. But it is another when he sticks his nose into the political realm and the other day was a bizarre entry on his part.

For what I took from the dumb tweet is that Musk was challenging President of Russia Vladimir Putin to a duel (or fight), the reward was Ukraine. This is dumb anyway you look at it.

(In history, we were warned against dueling and shootouts from the early 20th century. It is stupid now. Just ask any asshole who likes to drive up to a crowd of other dickheads and fire off shots. Usually, where I jokingly say an uninvolved little kid would catch a bullet).

On face value, Vladimir Putin was a relatively skilled sambo practitioner. He might be seven decades into his life but I doubt that he forgot the things he knew from his KGB days also. This pales in comparison to the wonderful combat skills that Musk doesn’t? know or his non-existent experience with a non-existent armed insurrection group.

(I dug around and couldn’t find any armed combat experience for Musk. He was in college for a long time and spent some time in Silicon Valley. Not exactly battling communist hordes, but if he did…I still haven’t heard about it).

I think that Musk looks childish at best. It doesn’t serve the Ukrainian people. It sure as hell doesnt serve the American people. He could do more by making better cars than by threatening Putin. Hell, Musk could cough up some change and help the refugees.

I sure as hell want Putin to take him up on the challenge. I would be fond of watching him put some leg locks or knee bars on that jabroni. (Body slamming him into a coma would be too much to ask for). Putin then could coast into the rest of Ukraine.

Oh hell, I was supposed to steer clear of hyperbolic statements. Either that or encourage you to not challenge someone to a duel or fight that could hand your ass to you.


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3 Responses to Try To Steer Clear of Hyperbolic Statements

  1. audremyers says:

    I agree. Being the richest person in world doesn’t mean anything more than you’re bright and focused. Don’t meddle where you have no experience and when it is not YOU who will pay for your errors. I suspect that Elon Musk is a graduate of the Kamala Harris school of foreign affairs.


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