Passion Is Worth Something But BS Isn’t..(dont say gay?)

I must have been baited into reading an article on Yahoo News this morning. It had a less than clear headline. I wasn’t sure to make of it until I decided to waste a few minutes of my life on it.

I thought it to be strange and off putting, mostly due to its subject matter combined with reports from other news sources. The real rub is something completely off of what they are discussing, which is Walt Disney CEO “not being a stronger ally in the fight for LGBTQ equal rights”.

Most of it started with Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which was labeled “Don’t Say Gay” bill by the press.

I obviously am “noping” my way out of that discussion. But I was puzzled to see Disney employees walking out over it. Their claims put together in a link below are not concrete and beyond what the CEO/most of their corporate handlers are responsible for.

Demanding verbal self flagellation from people is ridiculous. Also, demanding a company put together “woke” anything is a hard sell these days considering that many companies have lost money when they tried. An added does of stupid is the demand to stop relocating Disney employees to the state and a demand to stop ride construction.

(You have to be stupid to think that you are going to keep a job when your company won’t invest or build new products/services/attractions).

Also, not being able to read a bill or understand what is in it is also stupid. There have been conservative idiots that couldn’t read or understand bills in my home state, causing me to say the same things about them. You honestly need to know why your are protesting and what you are protesting.

Passion is a great thing. It can cause people to work hard at a worthy goal, but BS can cause people to riot and act like a-holes. It can also cause people to miss work and make it harder for everyone else to do their job, which is happening at many of the Walt Disney properties.

I have no love lost for Walt Disney Corp or for many of its companies’ officers, but after spending a decent amount of time in Florida, I know what it takes to do business in Florida. To cut off a politician is to not get a zoning clearance. To not support another politician is to not get support for various projects. To piss off another politician is to pay more taxes and not get anything in return. In the long run, you can see the “little people” get hurt.

If you want to be a petulant child, you will get your just desserts. (You will just have to talk to your own damn kids about your social and religious beliefs).


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