Doing The Dirty Work

Not completely sure how I started having problems with a septic tank, I was stunned by the reality set in front of me. I had dodged having to get the septic tanked pumped out, but didn’t know what else to do. I consulted someone who had experience with a septic tank. He gave me the bad news. There was a good chance that I needed to deal with the field lines.

My options were few. Hand some ducats over to a well meaning contractor and let him deal with it. Or dig the stuff up myself and jump in. I chose to jump in.

The consultant walked me through it. I ended up digging a trench trying to find the outfall of our septic tank, where it hooks into our field lines. Red clay and what else is in our dirt is one thing, but it is another to have to deal with partially digested human waste and gray water. It stinks and it isn’t a good habit to get into.

I finished installing a sleeve to my field lines and re-filling my trench. I was glad to be done but I was also happy to not pay a bunch of money to someone else. All it did was take me doing my own dirty work.

I was reminded of doing your own dirty work. Robert the Bruce was crowned King of Scotland on March 25th 1306, a short time after he killed the man John Comyn, who was also a claimant to the crown.

I have known many politicians that live a life where there are some other poor bastards to do their every whim. Many have never had to handle their own dirty work and they would never ask of it out of their kids. (I have complained about politicians that would send someone else’s kids to fight in a war but would think nothing of their kids “summering” in the Hamptons. I sure as hell wouldn’t think that those politicians would deal with killing an enemy, in the event that they would have to live through those times.

Do your own dirty work. Your life and your steps.


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8 Responses to Doing The Dirty Work

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  2. audremyers says:

    Good morning! I would suggest, just because I’m old, lol, that a caveat be added to your stinky article (laughing) – not everyone is physically able to do such a task and with so much wiring underground it might, in some instances, be better to bite the bullet and get a professional to undertake such work. But yes – if one is physically able and not afraid of the challenge, doing things for oneself is not only cheaper but adds to our abilities and a sense of pride at accomplishment.

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    • Most definitely, I was blessed to have overhead power and non-sewer connections. I am still able to do a lot of grunt style stuff but injuries follow me. That and it is getting close to “needle season”.
      I do encourage everyone to dial 311 or whatever the extension is for underground utilities when one needs to dig or has someone else dig.

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  3. audremyers says:

    Completely unrelated but this was on my FB page and I instantly thought of you, lol!

    Oh, no! I can’t paste an image here. Darn! Ok – here’s what it says:
    “I (31F) recently lost my fiance (37M) Jake. We’ve been together for six years. His death was unexpected and I’m still mourning.
    At the funeral (which I arranged and paid for), his brother (32M) Jim asked me when I’m going to return the engagement ring to the family.” Her question is, is she a jerk for not returning the ring?

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    • I will check this out. I have actually been told that the only time you return a ring is if you actually break up (or are responsible for the break up). Death is usually an unavoidable circumstance, unless she caused it.

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      • audremyers says:

        Laughing out loud! That thought had never occurred to me, lol! No – I don’t think she caused it, lol. And I’ve never heard of such a thing, either. I think the brother is too cheap to buy a ring for his own girl and wants to ‘regift’ this woman’s!

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