Conservative Christian Folly: Waco Siege

On this day, in 1993, marked the end of a 51 day siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. 80 people were killed when a fire destroyed the structure. A large collection of government alphabet soup entities were involved in the actions, most notable were ATF/FBI and assists from law enforcement entities. Military materiel and assets were also used.

As a kid, I would hear plenty of conservative Christian types that would justify those “wackos in Waco” got theirs. It was easy to turn our eyes away from the Branch Davidians. They weren’t like us. They were criminals. They had “scary guns”. Their leader was a weirdo, etc. But none of these excuses can cover for something that many missed; our government was largely responsible for killing people and nearly wiping out an entire religious group.

For what I read, our government found every reason to resort to violence to get what they wanted. I roundly reject the idea that the Branch Davidians’ gun activities warranted what happened. I also roundly reject the idea that the marginal evidence of Koresh’s child brides and strange beliefs warranted what happened.

I don’t think that “a bullet will cure everything” like many idiots among me spout off about. I think that our government’s supposed desire to do moral, just services for the American people is misguided. Many involved people making the decisions are driven by ego or “the next step” instead of being inspired to serve. Our media allows for people to forget about these events, that and idiots short memory spans.

My second part of critique is of conservative Christians drive to pander/participate in legal craft to supposedly protect their religious rights. (Many others call this floating a ton of briefs and put cases before the US Supreme Court). As I have said before, you have already lost when you depend on soulless people to “defend” or define your religious freedom. Our court, along with law enforcement entities, don’t honestly care about your beliefs. Judges and lawyers don’t care. They sleep well at night. The vast majority of those federal law enforcement staunchly defend their actions and a few “celebrate” their “victory” that day.

This may have appeared to be a rambling, disorganized screed of sorts, but it was a reminder to many that our government cares little about your right to religion, or doing anything within the realm of propriety. Federal law enforcement isn’t there for your rights. The US Supreme Court and the ATF proved this. The Branch Davidians were first and the conservative Christian types could be next.


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3 Responses to Conservative Christian Folly: Waco Siege

  1. Lastmod says:

    I was finishing up undergrad when that whole thing happened. Waco = We Aint Coming Out
    was a joke back then,

    I was bothered more then by Attorney General Janet Reno. Out of the blue in early 1993……she was appointed as the AG sometime in February 1993 and IMMEDIATELY we heard “we have to protect children who are being abused in this compiund in Waco. We are going to rescue them from this extremist”

    It was under the guise of “for the children”

    Well….the whole shebang of agencies got involved. No one inside would surrender. “Protect the children!” and “save the children” was the call from her office and the media.

    Then, the AG’s Office, the ATF / FBI and other groups decided in order to “protect and save” the children, well, best way was to burn the whole godd*mned place down. Kill em all! The media switched gears on a DIME. So did the AG’s office, and The White House.

    “These folks were a danger to democracy, freedom, America………”

    And then it was forgotten and we were back to “Isnt Bill Clinton so handsome?” and “He’s done so much for America in a few short months!” (when you asked these folks what he did, you then were smeared as a racist or right-wing-extremist)

    I remember the mood that David Koresch was a nut-job christian (and he probably was) what bothered me at the time was everyone “forgot” immediately that the goal was to “save the children” and then when the government burned the whole effing place down and killed MOST if not all of those children………the narrative was “they deserved it”

    That “1984” type of mentality and thinking bothered me a lot back then as I recall…..

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  2. Ah yes. I remember this siege big time.

    I was a liberal atheist when it happened and would crack jokes at their expense. Then I heard some of my conservative Christian friends also making fun of them (the dead folks).

    Then, one of my friends did a deep dive into what really happened (Reverend Bart).

    That was one of the things that turned me away from being a Bill Clinton supporter into what I am today.

    After hearing alternative sources, I’m now under the impression that those people were murdered by the government. It’s hard to know the truth though when most of the people are dead and the survivors’ voices are ignored.

    As for their beliefs, I don’t care how wacky anyone sounds. You either have Freedom of Religion or you don’t.

    I also remember seeing Linda Thompson’s film and them reading off the guns Koresh & friends had. That’s basic Texas! Only scary to Californians, who are scared of their own breath.

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