The Joy of Sex w/ Matt FreeMatt

Lauren Hegenbarth struck a nerve when she put a sign up in a bedroom of a house she was selling. That sign read “Welcome to Poundtown”.

The naïve among me think of the city of Cleveland or of some other moronic substitute. But I knew that it meant where people do the horizontal mambo, go heels to Jesus, or get it on. I am talking about sex.

It sent me into a tizzy of sorts, reminding me of the misguided souls of the past and present. The erroneous of the past would reflect a stereotype Victorian view on sex. The married weren’t doing enough of it and they wouldn’t even say that it was a good thing to the unmarried. They would often engage in extramarital dalliances, not out of want, but out of unfulfilled elements in their lives. The foolish of the present proudly proclaim sexual prowess or openness to sex itself, but hate the human elements of their partners. They adopt an anti-sex attitude due to their inability to tackle their internal issues and their inability to enjoy the people they are supposed to be enjoying with.

I had struggled to not get in the traps set by the well meaning but poorly executed, following through the religious directives among me. I learned to love both sex and the partners which I danced with. It was a struggle to do the second, but I felt like I had been blessed with Enlightenment when I learned to do so.

I had also learned to not be thirsty when among sand and heat. Not every environment is the Sahara and when faced with the Sahara, a lush oasis always within eyeshot. I am thankful for the damp and for the flood. I learned to swim and tread the same.

The sad among me did not value time with themselves and this caused them to not value having someone in their arms. I learned that the worst sex never had existed, but the best sex was possible when I chose to see it. I could laugh with joy when dancing, no matter when a partner stomped my feet out of a lack of skill or when their knee gave them a wobble. And in the inverse, the best mademoiselle in a waltz was the one that found fun outside of the fact that I was not in step.

A romp shouldn’t be work. If it was to be work, the vast majority of us would have a resume with titles like “pleasure consultant” or “giggalo”. Those that voluntarily engage in a roll should not find it tedious. It should be an exchange but not of tangibles.

The best I could remember gave best to a lazy afternoon and saw some sense of ease. To find opposite is tragic.

Although my memories jump about and my thoughts are lagging after, I tell you to f*ck with purpose. Even if that purpose could be to “f*ck for f*cking’s sake”, I want you to have joy in it. We were given a gift in having a level of physical enjoyment out of it, either by a divine bestowment or out of evolutionary necessity. Engage in that dance I learned to love.


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8 Responses to The Joy of Sex w/ Matt FreeMatt

  1. tealveyre says:

    Full Metal Jacket is the best war movie ever made XD Has moments of tragedy and moments of great humor. Love it.

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  2. audremyers says:

    I can’t wait to read the article you’ll about sex 30 years from now. Hope I’m around to read it.

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  3. audremyers says:

    Why can we never make corrections on these things??? The missing word is ‘write’.

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