Inhumane Resources: Malaise of What Ran Business

On a day that makes Pantera’s Floods seem optimistic, I flirted with the idea of talking about a convenient quote from St. Therese of Lisieux. I needed the encouragement, but I feel that it all is not possible.

I wanted to depart and speak about one of the ingredients of the stew that causes economic malaise; ghosting.

I have read many stories, a few that were highlighted in noteworthy magazines/websites, that highlighted an increasing number of candidates that “ghosted” potential employers during various waypoints during the hiring cycle. I thought it was dishonest for people to either not stay in communication or not be upfront about their withdrawal from the process.

But I found it ironic that the business community as an aggregate entity seemed to drop the ball themselves. I have read increasing reports of companies not only failing to contact candidates, but ditching them all together. (I have experienced a bit of this myself, only finding out that I was turned down for a job when the company CEO was arrested for fraud and reading that the company sold the assets that I was supposed to work at). (I also was magically left out of the loop, formerly being scheduled for a interview, after several phone interviews, just to have it canceled. Irony is that no one called me to cancel. The listing was pulled and I doubt that I will hear from them again).

Many people have said that cultural issues (like generational differences) are to blame. I have said that many of the hidden perks in jobs have been slashed, (morning breakfast with co-workers, smoke shacks, and cohesiveness).

(I also made the argument that many potential employees have adapted to long term negative consequences. We learn from others business intelligence. We see what has happened to others. Many of us have read the negatives from review sites. We see businesses cutting corners to save money, but at the expense of what made many workplaces worthwhile. Everyone wants to contract everything out).

Acknowledging the spirit of not having enough applicants and having low unemployment, many hiring authorities were sticking their fingers in the proverbial dikes and praying. What they didn’t know is that “learned behaviors” came to roost. Wasting people’s time and effort didn’t pan out. Turning down someone (or at least not being upfront about slot availability) made it advantageous for those same people to conduct themselves outside of the Golden Rule. In other words, an irresponsible company’s personnel (or shallow company behaviors) gave birth to an indifferent potential workforce.

(I had purposely left out the subcontracted-from-hell bottom feeding types and low end placement type outfits. Their chicanery was widely known when the ball was in their court. Most people I know have been on to their game or they only apply to those type places to waste their resources. I tell people to resist the urge to burn someone that may have roasted you in the past, no matter the level of Schadenfreude or comeuppance available).

It will either take a collapse or a cooling in our economy to fix some of the opportunities that give the “ghosting” a home. I made the argument that a smart company will “invest” in the opportunity to find the talent, foster what they want in the world. A smart company could clean house through the potential employees alone. A great company in the eyes of its employees can easily cripple other companies that compete with it. (Make it less advantageous to ghost on you and people won’t).

I am not sure if this commentary qualifies as Inhumane Resources, but it is worth discussing.


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4 Responses to Inhumane Resources: Malaise of What Ran Business

  1. Deacon Blues says:

    I hear rumours that companies are doing this deliberately. Something about forgivable loans they got from the federal government requiring them to maintain staffing levels, or at least appear to be trying to maintain staffing levels. So the story goes they overstate their staffing levels, get the loan, then make a good show of trying to find qualified candidates…but it just never works out for some reason, except they keep the money.


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