Rob Says Guide To NASCAR Relationships

Jack Napier lent a great piece to the Rob Says blog with a title “Red Flags Are A Green Light”.

It isn’t that I had a mental hard on for the concept or for what it said, but I did have an appreciation for what it was getting at.

I personally know that many men find reasons to get hung up about various things when it came to women. I was one of these guys at one time.

I let little things bother me when I should have been having fun. I should have shut up and took the temporary for the fun it was. Either that or I should have just said no to begin with. I was doing a bit of what Rob and Jack mentioned; throwing too many “flags”.

I was pondering what both of those gentleman had said. I felt like their concept should have been expanded on. This is where I wanted the NASCAR flag system be adopted.

You would ask me why in the flying f*ck I would bring up NASCAR. NASCAR has many different types of people racing. Some cars are there for racing. Some are there for a huge win or “the big race”. Some are there for a myriad of reasons.

I felt like this applied in a roundabout way in our lives. Some women are more suited for the big time. Some are looking for enjoyment. Some are there for a huge win. Like NASCAR, a race but different challenges, wins, expectations

The flag system? It isn’t just a red flag. Looking past the “checkered flag”, different flags mean different things. I may not know the whole equivalents but I will leave that to you. Just like NASCAR, one flag may be beneficial to someone else. It may help the long run hustler, but not mean much to the casual “racer”. Hazards may be present for someone zooming around, but the leisurely racer may be able to dodge them.

I had every reason to believe that opening your mind to others “approaches” to dating/relationshits was a good idea. My size doesn’t fit all, (ask my ex gf).

I would love to think what I pulled off would be the best for others, but it isn’t. You find out what your “car” is doing and find out what “flags” apply to you.

(Feel free to rewrite the flags at your own leisure. Eat. Pray. Screw.)

  • Green – start race or continue race under normal conditions
  • Yellow – race under caution
  • Red – race is halted 
  • Black – driver must leave track
  • White – one lap remaining
  • Checkered (Black and White) – race has ended
  • Checkered (Green) – race stage has ended
  • Blue with Yellow Diagonal Stripe – leaders approaching a lapped driver
  • Blue – road courses, normal conditions but hard-to-see problems ahead

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