FreeMatt in Review: 5-23 to 5-27 (2022)

To be thankful when starving is to be thankful at harvest. In the meantime, this is the FreeMatt in Review.

Rob Says Guide To NASCAR Relationships

One man’s red flags are another’s green. I lend additional NASCAR wisdom to a two dimensional argument that was previously skewered by Rob Says/Jack Napier.

The Matters w/ Matt: Macho Man Savage Civilian

A man’s ability to handle business and stay calm during stressful times is rewarded with fear, lack of loyalty. Learn more in this Matters w/ Matt.

Inhumane Resources: Malaise of What Ran Business

A professional spiritual malaise gave birth to the modern disease of “ghosting”. I discuss it further in this posting.

To let go is to understand. Your head may deceive you but your feet always know. Until next week.


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