The Cast of Characters In A Man’s Life

Before I disappeared for good and our old haunts were demolished, we found ourselves at a few of those said haunts. I had a buddy who lived over by his dealer/boss’ apartment. I had a gas station that had a parking lot that was great for non-working types. A parking lot that was a muster point for a few paper bag connoisseurs . I would often run into the same few rascals.

One of those rascals was “Herr Koln”. He was a strange cat. His sarcastic wit and skeptical outlook made for interesting company. The last time I remember seeing him was the gas station parking lot. He could spin some stories.

Right next door, Herr Koln would tell us his observations of some immensely crummy areas. The place we all were at was one of them. Herr Koln knew that place well. He would crash there when he was on the “loose”. That apartment building was run down. There might have been two rent paying people in the whole area. It wasn’t Herr Koln.

He would regale us with his story of where he would disappear to. One of the most memorable was our state capital, specifically the area near the methadone clinic. Like a true character, I had reason to believe he was an aficionado of vein candy. Yes, horse.

Herr Koln would mention the shifty people he would avoid when finding his preferred salesman of street pharmaceuticals. It always had a variation of the same story; “…stuff is too weak lately…someone got busted…too junk sick off this mix”. Irony is that he never showed track marks. He wore Tevas during the summer too. He might have not shoved, but if he snorted/smoked that stuff, it made for bizarre conversation.

Our group’s occasional meet ups weren’t always about the quality of available drugs. Herr Koln would opine about unbroken streetlights and how he got stranded somewhere across town. He was often an unreliable source of intel but it made for fascinating conversations. Herr Koln was obligated to hit someone up for $5-$10 dollars. He needed it more than you did.

One of the saddest parts of my memory is that he hung out with someone we had lost a few years ago. His lady friend was a serial dater that another one of my neighbors was sporadically involved with. (This was before our government unrightfully declared war against the synthetic opiate industry). I hung out with her too. No romance, just commentary and insight into intercity culture. I got leads about tickets, music, etc from her. She was funny and enjoyed a laugh with us. She helped me avoid the shittiest in our town. (RIP, I wish it could have worked out for you).

Herr Koln disappeared from my periphery. He was an actual high IQ dude that ended up being able to miss school but do extremely well. He had enrolled in a magnet school when he was younger. But I am unsure that he was able to stick around our hometown. Businesses bought up that hell hole and many of the medium reliability junkies disappeared. I am hoping he found a better purpose and cleaned up. Considering that no one stuck around and one of the few local sources ended up busted, permanently sick. Herr Koln, I imagine that there is a streetlight unbroken calling your name.


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