Humane Resources: Another of The Best

I was largely unsure if I ever highlighted one of the few “Humane Resources” candidates that I ever got to work with. The skeptics and the hurt readers know of my propensity to speak of the HR misses in my career. They knew of the career fair fails. They know of the “no call/no shows”. But they seldom have heard of the “decent ones”.

One of my few worthwhile mentions of HR personnel was a dude I will title “Lincoln”. Lincoln was the onsite “handler” for a temp agency. He was responsible for a level of HR reporting and “cat wrangling” when it came to putting warm bodies behind a machine.

Lincoln seemed too smart for the job. The vast majority of the people that filled admin positions for that employment agency were often the “low bidder” types or someone that accepted that their lot in life wasn’t going to improve. After a simple conversation with him, exchanging pleasantries and such, I was able to collect that he was beyond the shackles of localized group think.

For what I took from preliminary conversations, he was troubled by the quality of the people that walked through the non-hallowed doors and he was disturbed by the callousness distributed by the front office under the guise of “business”. I know that he had good intentions when he underwent his study program, having interest “piqued” by people around him and some social ability.

I think that he handled the aftermath of the front office’s lying to the best of his ability. He did his best to handle my coworker who had been maliciously lied to. (He was promised an internship since he completed his associates program, but when he showed up to our plant, he was put behind a machine. Other people had told him: “We will let you know if anything comes up”.

Lincoln encouraged me to keep learning and not do what the drug addicts were doing; collecting checks. He had told me to stay in school. I owe it to him for not becoming completely nihilistic when it came to working at night, coupled with taking evening college classes and sleeping during the day.

After working there for two years, I left for better pay and future opportunities. I had largely forgotten about him until I went to a career fair and ran into him. He seemed a better fit for a better organization. I had made sure I connected with him via LinkedIn.

He ended up with a few decent organizations recruiting for some interesting positions. I look back at our short time working together and I am thankful to meet someone who looks outside of the limited HR goggles.

Lincoln, thank you again.


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