Real Estate For Bigots: Bizarre Ideas From Matt’s Cesspool

Red lining is wrong. I think that a man should be able to buy a house somewhere, anywhere he can. I don’t want to stop him.

But I think that any realtor might not be the best choice for that random guy. He might not hit it off with someone that doesn’t know anything about the neighborhood. He might be a better choice for someone else that belongs to the Former Molly Hatchet Roadies Association. It might not be the lady with the rolled on make up that is the best pick. It might be the amateur goat herder that really sells it.

I had asked a friend who sells real estate about this idea. He agreed in principle but said that his “real estate industry group” had strict rules against steering someone toward someone with a specific background. The flapping heads “in the big city” said it was ethics and some policy to appease the woke-ists. It made me ponder further.

Instead of making someone that might be uncomfortable with handling a person in another cultural background’s real estate needs, why not steer them another direction? If a person is willing to lose a sale, why not let someone else scoop that up?

I alternatively made the joke that you could have a realtor that specializes in catering to bigots. A bigot realtor for bigot customers. This would eliminate most issues. You could steer known xenophobes and misanthropes toward said realtors.

(Take it from me, I have met some stuff shirted realtors that didn’t look happy to see me. The trollop looking make up chick was one. Sad that I was helping her navigate a neighborhood that she clearly had no business in).

I don’t believe in having a pre-conceived thought process about people but I have clearly noticed that certain people don’t like mustaches and cowboy hats. I have seen “disappointed looks” and half assed greetings sent my way. The trollop rested on her billboard notoriety and her over priced BMW to sell houses to simps. I discouraged people, especially men, from using her expertise. She appears like a bad movie script realized into a person. (I jokingly told a single friend that he could find a “plain Jane” lady realtor to take him seriously, do some short-term hustling for him).

I have a short list of my own of realtors that did their jobs and never acted like they didn’t want my business. One is particularly friendly and known from an “extended extended” social circle, she is good for a laugh and hustles for sales.

In regard to the Bigot realtors, I could imagine the conversations now:

Bigot realtor: You look like a racist. Would you like a barbed wire ready house? I have something in a “Gerry mander-ed” district for you…

Regular realtor: I don’t deal with sheet heads, perhaps you would be more comfortable with Terry in that jacked up rust bucket over there?

I don’t believe in supporting bigots or racism, but I wouldn’t force people to associate with each other.

(The adage applies here that “I couldn’t be a racist. My favorite color is green”). Alternatively, “it is hard to be a racist when you have met as many hot Puerto Rican women as I have”.

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3 Responses to Real Estate For Bigots: Bizarre Ideas From Matt’s Cesspool

  1. “Alternatively, ‘it is hard to be a racist when you have met as many hot Puerto Rican women as I have’.”

    Very true, my friend. Ay caramba!

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  2. Any sins Puerto Rico may have committed were forgiven when Rosario Dawson was created.

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    • I dug her sincerely. She was a funny person.
      Puerto Rico won with an unnamed woman I ran into outside of a store I was at, perfectly round derrière. My buddy laughed when everyone was scoping that art work.


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