Navy Story: The Suicide Messiah

I have seen the face of evil in person. He was a personification of avarice. He could smile a grin, even when he knew he wanted to turn on those that had a grip on an ethical existence. The face of evil was not the devil, (i.e. Iblis or Beelzebub).

I never knew such persons existed. I thought that evil was of the spiritual world, conjured up by forces beyond what I could control. I also found out that the personified evil had a manufactured name. He (or she) is a Suicide Messiah.

I don’t take it lightly. It might have started with a Black Label Society song, but it carried on with my memories. Those memories are what we are peering back at.

I had met the first Suicide Messiah when I was in the US Navy. I knew some weird characters and I knew some honestly mentally ill people. But the worst were people I knew that were willing to wreak havoc just to save the day. (It has been reported in the news that there are people who lost their lives after creating an opportunity for them to be the hero that swoops into action).

I had reason to believe that I knew one or two in the service. One person would be the most verbal in proclaiming that they fixed something that clearly had no actual cause or purpose for shutdown. The person would always wait for praise or an opportunity to flex professionally on others. (I knew one other that had schemed how he could temporarily paralyze the main propulsion means for the ship so he could be that hero. I am glad that he eventually was kicked off the ship after being “detained” in his workplace).

I knew of one Suicide Messiah who would shutdown equipment during the middle of our shift, just to call out on our radio to save the day. The fix was often easy and simple like flipping an on/off switch. (I might have mentioned this person before, but he struck me as someone that could endanger another person just to make himself look better than someone else that wants to “surf the tide”). He was a well known snitch who rubbed many people the wrong way and even roped other people into his schemes.

It almost seemed that they all yearned for something great, but weren’t willing to think of something genuine to do. I think of being a Suicide Messiah is something egregious and a different kind of psychopathy in my world. They were an enemy that appeared when I didn’t want an enemy.

I’m not sure if this is something that you might have seen, but we had them in the Navy. After my discharge, I had a limited amount in the workplace.

(My notes had mentioned an analogy like a firefighter arsonist that responded to a fire that he/she started).

Something to ponder.

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