FreeMatt in Review: 7-18 to 7-22 (2022)

Choose to be content with collapsed buildings. In the meantime, this is the FreeMatt in Review.

Navy Story: The Suicide Messiah

An empty psycho will start a fire to save the day putting it out. Find out more in this post.

July 19, 1989: A Day That The Human Race Should Know

Although a repost, I am inspired by those involved with United 232 on the fateful day in 1989.

The Matters w/ Matt: Don’t Call Me By The Wrong Name

Someone writes in asking if it is okay to not go “all in” when their kid gets married for the “umpteenth” time. Read more in this Matters w/ Matt.

The Barbarian I Was Never Called To Be

I was raised around civilized and noble people, but the ignoble among the influential drive me to be the barbarian I wasn’t supposed to be.

You never harness a tornado twice. Until next week.

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