No One Is Enlightened: The Battle With Space Mutants

Although Charles Whitman and his UT clocktower shooting made for an easier article, I wanted to write about something that bothers me often. You may ask; What pray tell bothers you? It is “space mutants”.

               Space mutants aren’t the extra terrestrial intelligence that we have known from science fiction entertainment, but the weird humans that I often interact with that leave me with a sour feeling in my proverbial heart. These are the people that make life difficult and often create the conditions where their own lives suck.

               These space mutants aren’t all “Appalachian-Americans” or the well maligned “cousin lovers”. But they contain well educated people too. One of the sets of people I can’t stand are “too smart for their own good” types.

               I met a few of these educated space mutant types growing up near a major college. They were almost like automatons. They would spout off pointless and useless quotes from literature without having the ability to use the information. Wisdom was never there. I would hear these people talk about 19th century English literature and brow beat those that had not known it.

               I later found it to be a tragedy within itself that these collegiate knuckle draggers would speak about the Enlightenment, often as it was part of a thesis or a feeble attempt to sound smart. The ugly part was that any wisdom was thrown out for the purposes of pseudo-religious memorization.

               Within decades of my departure; it seemed that the newest batch of useless professors-in-training made a gross departure from what was supposed to be the “classical liberal” education of the past. Students would learn a small amount of the supposed classics early in the ball game but would move on to what many people around me call a “monumental sh*tshow merged with an amalgamation of f*ck”. (In more polite circles; the area of study is anything near “woke” or seemingly useless studies). The Enlightenment era works, coupled with various influential works, mean nothing to pre-programmed morons like that.

               I occasionally have interactions with the “well read cretins” during my times out and about. These people were largely unsocialized in a realistic manner. They are often unable to handle simple humor and they don’t try to understand normal interactions with others. (Some of these same morons have no concept of simple sexuality and I often am puzzled that they have evolved to a non-scientific agent who adopted some pants-less rhythmic gyrations). They also seem to have no grasp on simple entertainment-esque pleasures, expecting everything to be a production and lacking an ability to embrace “amateurs”. Simple enjoyment can often be broken by their snooty need to correct someone on some miniscule error.

               I had previously written about a run in with one of these sour educational industry fobbits in the supplied post at the end of the post.

               I think that many of the educated space mutants have deleterious effects on everyone. It helps turn off people from learning and reading. It also helps make other non-automatons think twice about becoming an instructor or educator. (I had a desire to get into being an instructor for technical skills, but after a friend was drummed out by “weak sauce mofos”, I feel like this career change is farther back on the list of desirable options). I fear for our future. I think that we often are getting dumber than smarter, even as we supposedly gain knowledge. I think that we are walking backward away from the thirst for learning found in the Enlightenment. I was never discouraged by those that roundly reject advanced learning (self or through “guided” study programs) but I had been turned off by the “literatti” in education. I hope that things can change eventually.

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2 Responses to No One Is Enlightened: The Battle With Space Mutants

  1. Yeah.

    They sound like social retards. Part autism. Part laziness. Part fear of the opposite sex.

    They think they’re educated, but they don’t get it. It’s like the woketards who call everyone else a fascist and rattle off words like “Orwellian” where they themselves have Big Brotherish attitudes.

    And on top of that, they often stink. Or wear too much cologne/deodorant. Because they can’t do anything right.

    This is why I don’t tell anyone I have a college degree. I don’t want to be lumped in with these ass clowns.


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