The Matters w/ Matt: Jimmy Fallon Does It Well

Every Wednesday: I never fail to be disgusted with advice columns. I am unsure why they still get paid to do what they do. As always, I am in awe when it comes to awful examples like Dear Prudence and Dear Abby. The columnists seem to get rewarded for giving you bad advice. I think that people get terrible advice from them. I don’t blame anyone that calls advice column responses garbage. I use my postings to correct these responses and help society by being an utmost asshole, (as always, a hat tip to Aaron Clarey at Asshole Consulting).

Consider this Dear Annie article (courtesy of Arcamax) from August 17, 2022:

Dear (Matters):

It will be a year this August since the passing of my mom from Lewy Body Dementia. At the time of her death, I was overwhelmed, exhausted and tired, besides having to take care of myself, our house, dogs and everything.

I am thinking of writing to those who took the time to send a card upon learning of my mom’s passing. Is it too late? Is it wrong? Should I just not worry about it?

Now I spend time with my 92-year-old dad; in addition to helping with his medical appointments, I am his advocate.

  •   —Too Late
  • ———————————————————————

Dear Too Late:

I loathed the phrase that it “is never too late to tell someone you love them until it is too late”, until it became true. It often sticks with me and bothers me. I often feel inspired to call people when I need to say something. I often find myself writing a letter or calling them at inopportune moments.

I had forgotten to tell someone thank you for loaning me a video tape, along with returning it. I brought it to their house years later and personally thanked them for loaning it to me for such a long timeframe. He might have laughed, but he knew that I was thankful to have a friend like him.

I had called or sent a letter for people that were there for me when I was in poor spirits while in the military. People were surprised to find a handwritten and illegible note in their mail. It took me years to send it to them or it might have taken what might have been a figurative lifetime to hug them.

It is never too late or stupid to tell someone something like that. It isn’t wrong. It helps people set a great example and communicate what really matters in our lives. Our interactions and lives events are what matters. You are doing the right thing by letting them know.


I don’t imagine that I will have a shortage of emails to answer. I would love to start doing this for anyone that sends me an email. If this is you; email us at

If you hate advice columns; I don’t blame you. If it isn’t soft people giving advice; it is someone trying to justify acting like an insensitive asshole. Till next week.

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