Andrew Tate Is A Great Lesson In Critical Thinking…

and the vast majority of you have failed the final exam.

I have watched some material with Andrew Tate in it, whether it be some of his material or other people’s material. (Whether it be toadies, sycophants, or anyone else that might appreciate his work). I haven’t found myself a neo-rapist or a born again white knight trying to save women that can’t save themselves. But I have found myself in the same place that I started.

Andrew Tate is not the new masculine Christ I wasn’t looking for. He hasn’t filled in the blanks in my life. Nor has he been successful in raising an army. But he was successful in testing my discernment skills.

He has his moments that he is serious. Tate has his moments when he supports certain ideas with hyperbole, but he has moments where he tries to be logical. He has his own sense of reason. It is often backed up by certain observations and tough ideas that have come to light in the past several decades.

He challenges me to dig and think. And I have the ability to process what he says way past the person saying it.

But the big tech did me a big favor this time. Not because they colluded to kick him off and “un person” him like Alex Jones/others have been. Big tech passively admitted that Mr. Tate said something inconvenient that hurt a part of the big tech elite and their soft legions. The message appealed to some people that weren’t on their side or said something inconvenient.

Tate’s elimination wasn’t a shot across the bow but a direct airstrike. It isn’t that he was a kindred spirit or an ally, but he is/was an enemy of my enemy.

(And yes, just because you don’t care for what he says means that he needs to be axed.)

(If he is so wrong, use sunlight to disinfect him. To silence him like this is to give him credibility).

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2 Responses to Andrew Tate Is A Great Lesson In Critical Thinking…

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  2. Roman says:

    Yeah. Censorship is censorship and it’s wrong. Big Tech are dorks and Tate is masculine. Big Tech hates masculinity because they can never be. They’re the dorks who can’t be content with having all the money. They got to censor ideas they don’t like as well.

    I’m neither pro nor anti Tate. His brother followed me back when I had that certain social media account.

    So to me, he’s the enemy of my enemy as well.

    My nephew asked if I met him. Nope. I’m not a fan of Bucharest as it’s the NYC of Romania. Usually, as soon as the plane lands, we leave. Good art supplies stores though.


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