A Few Matterings From The Cesspool

I had remembered passing by this one exit near the edge of somewhere that was home to one of the most disreputable motels and diners. No one without a death wish and lacking their CDL would end up there. It was a weigh station for lot lizards and light working losers that were stranded away from Charlie’s. Someone was always getting stabbed around those parts. The area was demolished a few years ago.

Fast forward a few years later, a decent person was driving through that area. Miles down the road they were found dead right next to their vehicle.

I don’t know that many places that are ripe for a payload of explosives, but that place ranked up there. The person building a gas station near there made a critical mistake.

Deep Thought

Make sure your losers are better than the other side’s losers. Hard to preach about supremacy when your lowest margins aren’t making the nut.

You idiots that think that prices drop because the store’s marketing says “all new low prices” need to get slapped at random. You are the same idiots that don’t understand how your food budget disappears.

(The truth is that some of you are too stupid to actually budget. That and you can’t divide to find out why you pay more for convenience sized packaging. Lazy asses get defeated by net weight every time).

Someone might be “sexing up” some space mutants in your community, but someone else isn’t sexing up the regular ones. Feel free to try your best.

I might not care for rap music but I always find someone putting housecats in a video referencing “pussy” very amusing. Makes me feel decent for once.

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