And The Band Played On

Although I had every reason to make a video about this, I was too wrapped up in other things to do so. I had crudely wrote down a note about this on an old calendar. It didn’t make much sense at first, then it hit me. I was sure that I had some tie in with the false story of the band playing as the Titanic sank, along with something else that most people were bemoaning at the time.

I wasn’t happy that Andrew Tate was uniformly de-platformed from various prevalent social media platforms. It isn’t that I am a sycophant or one of those coat tail riding ass kissers. It is that I like the idea of sunlight being the best disinfectant. An exchange of ideas can help destroy “unpalatable” ideas quicker than censorship.

I won’t lose any sleep over what happened. I didn’t lose sleep when it came for two or three people I knew of. And I won’t when it comes for me. I will get on with my life at best.

It was best reflected by Rob (from Rob Says) in that it wasn’t worth worrying about. Twitter and YouTube will be here, then it won’t. Most of our current day’s reference material might not be around in decades.

Rob doesn’t seem to let it get him down. He, along with a band of merry “shitpoasters”, are enjoying life when it is here. Engagement is hilarity. Twitter is an opportunity to have fun when it is available.

I made a joke that he was the one guy leaning on a railing on the RMS Lusitania, cracking jokes and enjoying his martini. He wasn’t crying, but enjoying it all as he slowly sunk off the coast of Ireland.

Rob isn’t crying now, either.

I feel like it is a proverbial roaring twenties. The thirst traps and misogynists are enjoying themselves. Bros and red pill guys are too. People of many stripes are trying their best to enjoy it, if they choose.

We are slowly getting thinned out, but we should celebrate those that we have amongst us now. Just like real life, we can get snuffed tomorrow for the silliest of reasons. We should enjoy all the silly cat videos and mammary shots we can get.

It should push us to get email addresses and phone numbers for when we are sent on the metaphorical road. It should push us for what Rob and the Shitpoasters had done, which is gather in person. (Sure as hell pickup a few wet stragglers from the next Lusitania wreck).

I don’t speak for Rob, but the band isn’t playing “Nearer, My God to Thee” but Stabbing Westward’s Save Yourself. Enjoy it when it lasts, move on when it is time to swim.

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