Joy Killing Libertarians Need To Celebrate Little Victories

I don’t think that this subject specifically applies to libertarians, but I do think it is worth mentioning.

I was perusing the news in my state. I read about the difficulties of executions, the tail end of a murderous summer, failing football teams, and a myriad of disappointments.

But I found one awesome piece that nearly snuck by me; a plane landed on a highway at the end of the day. It was not too far from a few places I had travelled through in the past. I remember when they had built a new stretch of the highway. The original snaked through an old, small town. People complained about the big rigs and noise at night.

I don’t know of that many airports or private landing strips in the immediate area. There are a few bodies of water near there, but nothing resembling a great place to “dump” an airplane.

We all love having nice things, but we often don’t see when big government and libertarians both fail. (Private property usage and issues with zoning, burdensome regulations. I also include the fact that there weren’t that many smaller airports or independent multi-use drag strips around, despite the fact that there was flat land abound).

But I usually celebrate small wins and when planes make it back to earth safely.

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