Better Late Than Friday Edition

Outside of screwing up a good weekend by going to work, I had a decent day. Weird that I was the only one who went in for my 530 class at the gym. Lifted decent and sweated my ass off. I didn’t Mickey Mouse around and I hopped in my car to head home.

I didn’t feel like plugging in my phone and put on a podcast, or music. I flipped the dial around on the radio. (It was a short drive, chatholes). Most of the music was dreadful, one decently comical song. But the crappy part was talk radio. I used to listen to that shit and it was killing me. It is/was a waste of time.

The little bit of talk radio reminded me of a conversation I had with a family member that wasted their time with talk radio/24 hour news channels. I told him that he should do something better with his time.

Back to the drive home…I wanted to tell many of you that you are wasting your time on stuff that wasn’t worth wasting on. I pondered that there was better stuff that I could be wasting my time on.

I had thought that I should have been wasting my time watching women walk in slow motion. I could have been wasting my time singing a song that I liked. I could have wasted my short drive screaming out the window, which was something that I used to do years ago when I was driving the backroads of Georgia. I could have wasted the time calling a friend that is too damn quiet at the moment. I easily could have wasted those precious moments doing breathing exercises.

If I had to take the high road and chew you out for wasting time on anything dumb, it would be reading an article about a guy dreaming up ways to better waste time. He should have been watching women walk in slow motion.


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